Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Almost the end of the year Time flies

I do not know about you but time seems to fly faster and faster as I age. Perhaps it becomes more precious to me as I realize that there is less time in my life left. I find myself being selfish about what I spend my time on. I want to spend it creating art and being with people I love. Here is an art card that I made that reflects how I feel


  1. Linda, the time thing is an illusion that most of us have in common including me.To me i figure its like an hourglass, as the sand in the top gets less and close to being empty, it apears to be going faster, but it goes at the same rate as before.The trick is seeing things truthfully, and if you find a way to make that happen, please let me know! I have been working hard for 11 months, to take my month vacation in Thailand.I cannot fall into that trap of wanting time to fly,so i can go to funsville. Once i get to funsville, of course i want the time to slow down, but thats not easily done.Usualy the next thing i know i am back working again.Then i think to myself, where did the time go.A philosppher once said that the past and future all takes place at the same time!I beleive this is called eternity! I guess you are right, all we can do is enjoy the now!!
    I like your blog!!

  2. Sweet card, Linda! I experience that sensation as well - and actually fell time really speeed up at the end of the year. Once we hit September it's like a downhill race to January. ZOOM!
    Wishing you blessings and good health and fun times with family and friends!